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  • Contrary to conventional wisdom, South Africa is not the largest producer of diamonds in the world. Canada is the third largest diamond producer by value, coming after only Botswana and Russia. And that is before production starts at Stornoway Diamonds.
  • Geologist Charles Fipke discovered the first economic deposit of diamonds in Canada’s Northwest Territories in 1991. Did you know that eight years later, the first diamond mine opened in Canada?
  • Stornoway Diamonds is expected to produce an average of 1.6 million carats per year over an initial 11-year mine life, representing approximately 2% of global supply.
  • Peregrine Diamonds project in the Northwest Territories in Canada has a mineral resource of 18.2 million carats of diamonds in 19.4 million tonnes of kimberlite ore

Most people think engagement rings and diamond earrings.

But what if you could profit from society’s love for diamonds?

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  • Educate yourself on what is happening in the market for diamonds and where the opportunities are
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  • Profit from the coming diamond supply deficit

We’re pleased to make it available to you and expect you’ll benefit greatly from the expertise it delivers.

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