Controlled Thermal Resources

Lithium and Renewable Energy Powerfully Combined


Controlled Thermal Resources Ltd. (CTR) is a Public Unlisted lithium resource and renewable energy company advancing the Hell’s Kitchen Lithium and Power Project in Imperial Valley, California. At Hell’s Kitchen, CTR is developing a vertically-integrated lithium extraction and geothermal power facility within its leasehold on the Salton Sea Geothermal Field lithium brine resource. CTR is focused on delivering sustainable, battery-grade lithium products and renewable baseload power to support California’s clean energy mandates and to ensure a secure and reliable lithium supply chain in the US. The company has headquarters in both California and Brisbane, Australia.

Globally, attitudes toward energy-related resource extraction are evolving to better reflect climate change concerns and the demand for cleaner, greener products. Investors are increasingly looking at jurisdictions and energy resource projects that are aligned with environmental and socially responsible development.

Utilizing direct lithium extraction technology developed by Lilac Solutions; a technology company recently backed by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Controlled Thermal Resources is planning a staged path to production for battery-grade lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide, and possible other lithium compounds for battery use.

The integration of lithium extraction and renewable energy provides further advantages to project economics and performance compared to stand-alone lithium facilities. In contrast to evaporation pond and hard rock mining, direct lithium extraction is a closed-loop system that returns spent brine to its original source; utilizes 100% renewable power and steam for processing; takes hours, not months to produce high purity lithium products; has a very small physical footprint and a close-to-zero carbon footprint; is not weather dependent or water intensive; doesn’t require open pit mines, large evaporation ponds or off-shore processing and; will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Controlled Thermal Resources’ Company Highlights

  • California location offers jurisdictional security in a stable US economy.
  • Staged path to production, with initial Stage 1 delivery of 17,350 tonnes lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) and 140MW renewable power projected in 2023; Stage 2 delivery of an additional 17,350 tonnes LCE in 2025; and potential for Stage 3 delivery of 70,000 tonnes LCE by 2027.
  • Eco-friendly, closed-loop, direct lithium extraction operation powered by 100 percent renewable energy production from thermal brine.